WooGo 加州果昔開幕派對

WooGo Juice Presents Different Flavors: A Live Art Grand Opening Event!
WooGo加州果昔幕派對-Live 音樂藝術表演,來點不一樣的「口味」吧!

This is a call for Taiwanese- and Foreign-born friends and family to come down for an exciting day of live art and music festivities. Join WooGo Juice and several Taiwanese- and Foreign-born artists and musicians as they show off their talents in a LIVE collaborative performance event.
這是一個能讓在地人和外國人一起共襄盛舉的音樂藝術活動。一起來我們的開幕趴,和WooGo Juice及多位國內外藝術家、音樂家現場共同創作屬於我們的作品吧!

Featuring Live Art Performances by Artists:
i. Mr. OGAY
ii. Ann Chang
iii. 安紐曼
iv. Debe
v. Colasa
vi. Josh Lance
vii. Ben Seydewitz
viii. Marina
ix. Felicia Rodrigues
x. Jean Jacques
活動頁面: https://www.facebook.com/events/154930224693012/?ref=22